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On Failure and Batman – a guest post by Katherine Rebekah

Posted by on Mar 16, 2016 in The Writing Life | 16 comments


As an uber nerd, there’s no real life event that I can’t relate to fiction in some way. While I want to give you tips on dealing with and learning from failure, I didn’t want to go it alone. So I’ve included advice from the most reliable (fictional) source I could find: Batman. (Bonus points if you read this entire post in a raspy Batman voice.)

In “Batman Begins,” a young Bruce falls down a well, and his father, Thomas, comes to his rescue. While carrying Bruce back into the house, Thomas utters one of my favorite lines in the movie:

“And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

I love this not only because it’s influential throughout the film, but also because it reveals a truth about failure that we don’t often hear. …Read More

The Firewall Saga is Launched! (A somewhat belated announcement)

Posted by on Feb 1, 2016 in Announcements and Shameless Plugs | 7 comments

February has arrived, and I count it an honor and a privilege to be (quite probably) the last person to wish you Happy New Year.

Right around January 1st, my blog was unusually silent. I didn’t post any writing resolutions, hold celebratory giveaways, or do anything at all to add my blog’s voice to the ringing-in of 2016. In fact, I haven’t written anything on this blog since the 1st. But I do have reasons.

Reason Number 1: On January 8th, I launched my web serial, The Firewall Saga.

…Read More

More Dangers of Homeschooling

Posted by on Dec 3, 2015 in Filmmaking | 12 comments


As many of you know, I was homeschooled all the way through graduation. It was a truly wonderful experience, and if I could go back I wouldn’t do it any differently.

Several years ago, I made a video that was a sort of tongue-in-cheek look at homeschooling and the supposed hazards thereof. It was called Dangers of Homeschooling. It wasn’t my best video, and I’m a little embarrassed about it now, so in 2013 I resolved to make a sequel that would be much better. It was about the time I started this blog, actually.  …Read More

When To Leave Loose Ends Loose

Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 in Plot | 7 comments


..and Clovis the Cow trotted out of the barnyard and in the general direction of New York City, despite Farmer Bob’s heart-rending pleas for him to come back.

The End.

Boy, what an ending. Satisfying. Fulfilling my soul.

Or not. It might just be me, but I see a lot of loose ends lying around. Will Clovis ever return to the farm? How will Farmer Bob manage without him? And how will Clovis react when he stumbles across the inevitable realization that cows are actually female?  …Read More