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Posted by on Feb 1, 2016 in Announcements and Shameless Plugs | 7 comments

The Firewall Saga is Launched! (A somewhat belated announcement)

The Firewall Saga is Launched! (A somewhat belated announcement)

February has arrived, and I count it an honor and a privilege to be (quite probably) the last person to wish you Happy New Year.

Right around January 1st, my blog was unusually silent. I didn’t post any writing resolutions, hold celebratory giveaways, or do anything at all to add my blog’s voice to the ringing-in of 2016. In fact, I haven’t written anything on this blog since the 1st. But I do have reasons.

Reason Number 1: On January 8th, I launched my web serial, The Firewall Saga.

That’s really the only reason I have. Unfortunately, that brings me to another unpleasant topic, the question of why I launched my serial, the story I have been talking about on here and teasing you guys with for several months, and then proceeded not to inform any of you, my loyal readers, for a month.

I don’t really have a good reason for that, other than the fact that when I have begun a story, for a good stretch of time afterward I have a very hard time thinking about anything else. Heh heh.

So I hope all you wonderful folks will accept my apology, click this link right here, read the four episodes I have posted so far, put your email in the little subscription pop-up thingy, name your firstborn child Braden, and send me lots of money and/or mushroom pizza.

Not sure how those last couple of things got in there. They are entirely optional and up to your own discretion, of course.

This story has been a blast to write so far. I have about 25,000 words written, 7,000 posted, and a vague idea of what the ending will be like (that will probably change five or six times before I actually write it.) I hope some of you guys will join me on this adventure. I’d love to have your thoughts and feedback along the way.

And stick around here as well, because I’ll probably still pop in every once in a while to talk about behind-the-scenes Firewall stuff, or just random writerly stuff.



  1. Off to read it! (can’t promise to name my firstborn child after you, though; what if it should turn out to be a girl?)

    • Maybe Bradenna or Bradenne? XD

  2. I can’t wait to read it!! And I’ll try to get the pizza to you asap.

  3. I shall indeed go read and sign up. I’ll have to think about the other things… 😉

  4. Yes! I was just wondering when it would be launched… 😀 Thanks for the update.

    *Hands over an imaginary mushroom pizza* Quick, eat it before I do.

  5. I’ve been reading and enjoying!
    But…I’m not going to lie….that ending to the second episode. What did you do that for?!
    Anyway, I’m waiting eagerly for the next one!

  6. Loving it so far! Great job! 🙂 I’ll definitely be keeping up with this one.
    Though Alice… *is sad* … why, Alice? Why?

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