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Posted by on Dec 3, 2015 in Filmmaking | 12 comments

More Dangers of Homeschooling

More Dangers of Homeschooling


As many of you know, I was homeschooled all the way through graduation. It was a truly wonderful experience, and if I could go back I wouldn’t do it any differently.

Several years ago, I made a video that was a sort of tongue-in-cheek look at homeschooling and the supposed hazards thereof. It was called Dangers of Homeschooling. It wasn’t my best video, and I’m a little embarrassed about it now, so in 2013 I resolved to make a sequel that would be much better. It was about the time I started this blog, actually. 

With the intention of killing two birds with one stone, I made a vlog announcing my blog launch, and also the fact that I was making this new video about homeschooling.



In the above video, (which, I remind you, was made in 2013,) I encouraged my largely-homeschooled subscriber base to help out by sending me fresh ideas to put in the new Dangers of Homeschooling video. And they did–I got emails from tons of people who wanted to help out. A lot of good ideas.

Now, having received these good ideas, you’d think that the next course of action on my part would be to follow through and, you know, make the darn video that I told people I was going to make.

And it was, sort of. After a span of about eight months, I wrote half of a script.

In my own pitiful defense, it was a really hard script to write. I didn’t want it to be just like the last video–I wanted it to have a completely different format. I had a pretty major case of writer’s block. Maybe I should have read my own article on the subject.  

At some point, I was so fed up that I wanted to abandon the project. A tip for you: A great way to make sure you don’t abandon a project is to post your face on the internet beforehand saying “HEY GUYS I AM GONNA DO THIS PROJECT.”

And then the only way out is either finishing the stinkin’ project, or dying an honorable death by falling on your sword or something.

So I wrote half a script, and several months later, I deleted it and started over.

When I did finally finish, it was another few months before we filmed the main scene. To give you an idea of the timeframe of this project, after my brother and I finished shooting the scene, we went and saw Battle of Five Armies with our actress and her brother. When I’ve just begun a film project, I like to kick it off by watching a monumental masterpiece of film to inspire me.

Nope. Couldn’t say that with a straight face.

I’ll spare you the painful details of the next year, but yes, it did take us a year to shoot the rest of the scenes. We had to reshoot two scenes, due to lost footage. We had to reschedule shoots. We had camera failure. I was not a happy snickerdoodle.

But you know what, guys, we finished it. We did. And to prove it, here’s the video.



The moral of this story? Maybe “Don’t Announce to the World That You’re Doing a Thing if You Haven’t Planned the Heck Out Of It First.” Or “Don’t Fall On Your Sword Just Yet, Things Could Still Turn Out Just Fine.”

Or something. I dunno. Glad this project is finished! I did have a lot of fun with it, even amidst the frustration and deep dark despair and stuff, and I’m glad I did it.

Hope everybody had a great NaNoWriMo, and a great Thanksgiving. Catch ya later.







  1. Whew! Quiet a story behind this video! I just watched it with my sisters a few nights ago- and we loved it. We showed it to our mother, and she laughed so hard! That “convicting documentary on youtube”…. so true.
    I about died laughing during the “because it was real” exchange, because just before that line came, I was thinking it in my head. XD

    Well, congratulations on finally getting the video out- it was worth the wait. 🙂

    And for the record, everybody does not have a baby kangaroo either. Only Christopher Robin, and his isn’t even pink or blue. *weeps*

    • I’m really happy that so many people got a kick out of that reference.
      I KNOW. So sad. Until Larry the Cucumber, I never knew the immense travesty that was my lack of a multicolored baby kangaroo. Ah blissful ignorance.

  2. LOL! Oh Brad, I’m so sorry. You poor, poor dear boy. To have experience that…and from such a young and impressionable age. There should be some sort of law against it. Well done my young friend, that was an absolute hoot 😀

    • Pretty sure that there ARE laws against it, in some states… 😉 Thanks Lyn!

  3. I showed all my family the video….. we laughed.

    • Well good!

  4. I love the video! Quite a story behind it too. 🙂 I laughed so hard at the new “ice diet”. LOL.

    • Thanks Alea! It has a strong base in reality. 😉

  5. Oh my! That has to be your funniest movie yet. Way to go, Brad O’Neil! 😉

    • Why thank ya!

  6. Love it! (Simple and to the point;) I feel for ya on the diets, emotional scarring, neck pain, etc. Isn’t Home School life the greatest?

  7. Great job on your video! I just discovered your blog and your videos yesterday and am enjoying both hugely. I am a home schooled eldest child of five, so your home school vids struck a familiar chord! And I happen to share your last name, which I thought an interesting tidbit.
    My siblings and I watched 75% of your Broken Lens Productions last night and nearly succumbed to juvenile apoplexy–We were laughing so hard. Thanks!

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