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Posted by on Jul 23, 2015 in Characters, Guest posts | 4 comments

Why There Should Be a Little of You In All Your Characters–Guest Post for Emily Tjaden

Why There Should Be a Little of You In All Your Characters–Guest Post for Emily Tjaden

Hey all, this week I’m privileged to be hanging out with my friend and fellow author Emily Tjaden on her blog, This Incandescent Life.  I’m talking about characters. And writing yourself into them. And why sometimes that’s okay. 


Post Excerpt:


Basing your main characters off of yourself is generally considered a bad idea.

I did this with my first novel, Nephilim Rising, when I was sixteen years old. My main character was basically me. He had my goofy laugh. He had my vocabulary. He experienced emotions in the same way I did.

I did this because the idea of creating a unique, multi-faceted character daunted me. It was easier just to use myself. Quirks, speech, emotions, boom. All there. It was like a drag-and-drop template.

And it worked, sort of. There were a few close friends who figured out what I’d done, but most people who read the book didn’t. The cool thing (I thought) was that I always knew what Greg was going to do, because it was exactly what I would do.


You can read the rest of the post here.


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  1. I made my first ever main character me and then put all the things I wanted to be on her. I never did really relate to her or learn anything from her. I’m hoping to learn a lot more from my new book. (And plus I actually have a theme this time!)
    That was a great post. (I love your blog by the way.)

    • Hey, thanks! Yeah, I think a lot of us do this for our first books. And yay for theme! It’s nice to have around. 😉

  2. Awesome post, Braden! It’s so tempting to force everything you have onto one character! 🙂

    Have you posted/published any of your personal writing anywhere? When you mention your books in your posts, they always sound so interesting!

    • Thanks so much! It definitely is.
      I have posted some of my stories here on the website–the link “Free Stories” up in the navigation bar should take you to some. They’re kind of old, but they should give you an idea… I’m hoping to publish my first novella in early 2016, so we’ll see how that goes. Thanks for your interest! 🙂

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