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Posted by on Oct 30, 2015 in Life, family, and everything else | 3 comments

Why I am not writing a blog post this week.

Why I am not writing a blog post this week.


I was going to write a blog post for all you guys this week. It was going to be all inspirational and stuff. In fact, I had it half-written. But then, some things happened. 


Normal life things. Like my day job, which I enjoy very much.


This picture was taken by the man who owns the art gallery where I teach music. I had just had a last-minute student cancellation, which was wonderful because it gave me a whole thirty minutes in which to be productive and finish the aforementioned inspirational blog post.

That was the plan, at least. Something that may or may not be evident in this picture is that I was, at the time, very very tired. After considering that I should probably write a blog post, I proceeded to set a timer on my phone and take a power nap.

The flesh is weak, my friends.


Another thing I did this week was to help in the building of this house right here:


But the main thing that has been taking up my creative energy this week is my current short film. A deadline is looming, and I am editing like a madman every time I get a chance.

The video is really coming together, and I’m pretty excited. So excited that I am going to dump some screenshots right here:

As you can see, the people in this movie spend a lot of time exercising shocked and/or angsty expressions.

So all of this is why today, I have nothing educational or inspirational to say. We will hope for better, next time.


Keep calm and story on, y’all.




  1. I hope you have a lot of luck on your short film. I am very excited about watching it!

  2. Short film yes! Sacrifice your readers on the altar of the short film! (I can’t wait:)

  3. Whew, I identify with you there- blog posts definitely move to the back burner when stuff like real life and personal projects come a long. But I’m happy to hear that your short film’s been getting attention! I’m really excited to see it.

    You’re helping to build a house! That’s cool. You must be a lot smarter than I am. Painting, drawing, music, writing I can do… but construction has never been on my skill set.

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