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The Storymonger is more commonly known as Braden Russell, an aspiring musician, filmmaker, and novelist from Central Oklahoma. Very seldom is he as somber as shown in that picture. Also, he is partially colorblind, which is why he often wears clothing that is somewhat less than color-coordinated, which is why the aforementioned picture is in black-and-white.

Also, he finds it somewhat awkward to talk about himself in third person.

Yeah, enough of that. Anyway.

I’ve been telling stories with words for as long as I can remember. Somewhere along the way, I grabbed a camera and started making stories with that. I have a YouTube channel where I post comedic videos. You can find it here: Or you could click on the “My Videos” link at the top of  the page.

I’m not a “professional” writer. I don’t go on book tours, negotiate movie deals for my bestselling crime novels, or do the Cha-Cha down long skinny red carpets. None of my novels are published yet, although I’m working on rectifying that.

But I’m passionate about what I do, and I’m passionate about getting better at what I do. With this blog, I hope to not only journal my forays into the various worlds of storytelling, but share my discoveries and revelations along the way. I’d like to invite you to learn along with me.

Happy storymongering!