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When To Leave Loose Ends Loose

Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 in Plot | 7 comments


..and Clovis the Cow trotted out of the barnyard and in the general direction of New York City, despite Farmer Bob’s heart-rending pleas for him to come back.

The End.

Boy, what an ending. Satisfying. Fulfilling my soul.

Or not. It might just be me, but I see a lot of loose ends lying around. Will Clovis ever return to the farm? How will Farmer Bob manage without him? And how will Clovis react when he stumbles across the inevitable realization that cows are actually female?  …Read More

Why I Don’t Write Happy Endings

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 in Theme | 42 comments


I don’t think I’ve ever written a one-hundred percent happy ending in one of my stories.

Except for my first story, a soaring epic titled How Jery Rat Kild Thu Monstr, my endings usually deal out a heavy dose of sad along with the happy, and sometimes just a little more sad.

And not because I just really enjoy depressing myself and other people. For me, a ending that’s not all happy makes for a more thought-provoking and fulfilling story.  …Read More

A Free Tool Called Pacemaker, and How I’m Using it to Encourage Myself to Write

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Creativity & Productivity | 13 comments


I love tools. Cool, new, shiny tools. Sometimes, I get so excited by the coolness of a tool that I forget what I’m supposed to be using it for. Instead of pounding in nails with that perfectly-balanced framing hammer, I’m swinging it around my head and alternating guttaral war cries with humming the soundtrack of The Last Samurai…Read More

How To Stay Creative In a Creativity-Sapping World

Posted by on Oct 23, 2015 in Creativity & Productivity | 27 comments

Some would say that words are a writer’s greatest weapon. I would disagree.

In the event of being charged by an angry stegosaurus, a 50-caliber elephant gun would be preferable to standing your ground and attempting to stave off the beast with your impressive vocabulary. (Unless by your loquacity you are able to convince the creature that it is, in fact, extinct.)

Where actual writing is concerned, I would say that words are pretty darn important, but second only to your creativity. The power of your imaginative, oft-misunderstood right brain.  …Read More