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The Nephilim Project

The Nephilim Project

Genre: Dystopian thriller

Status: Completed 3rd Draft

When Greg Follows stumbled on the stray robot hiding in the alleyway, he little knew that the incident would send him hurtling into the thick of a genetic experiment gone awry and the powerful people that will do anything to keep the project from leaking to the public. Greg is forced to decide where his loyalty lies—with the shadowy Society who would kill him without a thought, or the Zealots, an underground resistance who want the fugitive droid for their own purposes.

Time is rolling away, and as certainty of his own life begins to fade, Greg begins to find that his own past is not so far away as he thought, and hopelessly tangled with the horrific experiment that overshadows him. It seems that Greg’s only hope of tearing down the lies and danger that surrounds him is in the God of the Zealots–but is this historical deity enough to save him from Project Nephilim?




Genre: Fantasy

Status: Finished and fermenting

In a world where the sun never sets, a seventeen-year-old amnesiac is running from a trio of otherworldly hunters who seek to return him to a prison he has no memory of. Because of his unusual abilities, Dereck makes himself indispensable to a small group of men and women whose ambition is to overthrow the dictatorial rule of the Crown and restore freedom to the land.

But before long, Dereck begins to realize that their troubles go much deeper than the Crown. A long-buried evil is approaching from a forgotten side of the world, and unless Dereck and the others act soon, the world they know may soon be twisted beyond recognition.


The Confessor

 The Confessor

Genre: Steampunk/Space Western

Status: Complete 1st Draft

Gil Grey is a Confessor, a man who has pledged his life to the Last Church as a religious assassin. Sent overseas into the heart of the United Territories to hunt a notorious criminal and enemy of the Church, he begins discovering things about himself–and the man he hunts–that shakes his once-steadfast faith to its core. Finally he is forced to a deadly choice–will he turn his back on the Church that gave him purpose, or destroy the people who taught him the meaning of joy?