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Posted by on Dec 18, 2015 in Announcements and Shameless Plugs | 28 comments

A Peek at My Upcoming Web Serial

A Peek at My Upcoming Web Serial


My first novel, The Nephilim Project, is still kinda my baby. I wrote it when I was sixteen, mostly in longhand, back when my writing routine involved getting up at 5:30 AM and listening to Enya playlists on my iPod classic. (Yes I wrote a dystopian thriller to Enya. It’s weird to me now, too.) 

Those were also the days when I could get up at 5:30 AM and initiate a thought process that was lucid and intelligent and largely free of DUUUURRR.

It was the first time I ever completed a manuscript. It was the first time I ever developed a crush on one of my own characters (please tell me other people do this). I learned so much from this book.

I’ve always wanted to dust it off and resurrect it into something more publishable, but the amount of work it would take has always daunted me a little. However I recently found a way to make this resurrection happen, and I’ve been really excited to tell you guys about it.

Some of you know about my upcoming web serial, The Firewall Saga. What you probably don’t know is that parts of it are The Nephilim Project reincarnated. I’m using several of the same characters, and adapting some of the scenarios. Instead of genetically modified human-animal chimeras, I have killer cyborgs infected by a sentient hive-mind computer virus named Weedly.

I’ll be launching this thing in early January, and I’m pretty stoked. Also a little nervous, because this is a pretty huge undertaking. I’m hoping this will really stretch me as a writer and storytelling, and be a lot of fun in the process. Stay tuned!

This will be a rather dark story, so here’s a little content advisory regarding what you will and won’t find in The Firewall Saga:


What There WON’T Be:

Sexual content or nudity. These have no place in my stories. Not to say there won’t be references to themes that are more mature in nature (again, there are some very bad people in my stories who tend to do bad things) but I will try to handle it tastefully, without giving explicit details.

Gratuitous language. Some characters might occasionally use minor expletives in certain situations, but you won’t see major profanity. I don’t necessarily have a problem with stories that utilize language with good reason, but it’s just something I don’t really care to write into my own stories.


What There WILL Be:

Violence. Quite a bit of it. People will get shot, stabbed, bitten, exploded, whacked in the face with heavy things, and stuff like that. You guys know that I’m really serious about making death and violence matter in my stories, so it won’t be gratuitous violence for the sake of violence. But this story world is a pretty nasty place to live, and some pretty bad things happen to people. If you’re squeamish about violence, read with caution.

Hope, humor, and joy. There will always be a spoonful of good stuff to balance out the bad stuff, a reminder that the bad can’t last forever.


Another thing: Things are probably going to slow down on this blog for a while, since my main focus will be getting out regular installments of Firewall and finishing the current draft of Weatherman’s Apprentice. I’ll still be posting here every once in a while, but not as consistently as I have up to now. I’ve had a lot of fun with this blog in the last couple of years, I’ve learned a ton, and I’ve met a lot of great people in the process. Big thanks to all of you guys for sticking around, and all the comments and emails. Appreciate all of ya. 🙂

And that being said, I’d like to give you guys a sneak peek at the first chapter of this story. I’m using Hackpad, a cool alternative to Google Docs, so feel free to leave comments within the document if you have any feedback or critiques. Click the link below:


Episode 0.1 – Not a Place for Kids


Hope you enjoy the read! Stay tuned for the official launch of The Firewall Saga, and enjoy these last few weeks of 2015.


photo credit: Magnified Port via photopin (license)


  1. Um… YES OTHER AUTHORS DEVELOP CRUSHES ON THEIR OWN CHARACTERS. 😛 I only have had at least three crushes on charries myself. XD

    I’ve enjoyed reading this blog. You’ve been great. Looking forward to The Firewall Saga and I hope that you still blog every now and then, even if the posts are spaced insanely apart. 🙂

    • It’s a rough thing to fall in love with a fictional character. We should have a support group.
      Thanks, Katie! I’m sure I will–I like this blog too much to abandon it completely. 😉

      • “Hi, I’m Katie. And… And I’ve fallen in love with at least four of my own characters.”
        Yes, support group. Fictitious Loves Anonymously In Love? 😛

  2. Great start for the story so far! Love the realistic dialog especially. 🙂 And I like Alice.

    • Heh, thanks! I like Alice too. 🙂

  3. I am so freaking excited for this. The Nephilim Project was fabulous (yes, in spite of what you would like to believe), and it’s going to be great to see pieces of it reincarnated. (Please tell me the characters have the same names.)

    Looking forward to reading!

    • Thanks, Emily! Despite its failings, I really do love that story and I get all kindsa warm fuzzies when my friends do too. :p
      Some of the characters have the same names! 😉

  4. Oh I bet it will be good, I will be looking forward to reading your work!

    • Thanks, Clare!

  5. “(please tell me other people do this)”

    dude, you know the answer to this question.

    • Heheheheheheh…

  6. LOL yes, Braden, other people get crushes on their characters. They also cry when they kill off a character — I know I did, the whole time I was killing him 🙂
    I really appreciate what you say we WONT find in your stories. It means I can read your stories and not have to worry about what I’ll read when I turn a page.

    • I have done that too. Manly tears, manly tears.
      Well good! Although I don’t know that you shouldn’t worry… I still kinda want people to worry… 😉

  7. WHOA!!!!!!!!!! That was fantastic!
    I can’t wait for the whole thing! Keep up the good work.
    (by the way…. Decker is my favorite!)

    • Hey, thanks! Glad you like Decker. He’s gonna be around for a while. 😉

  8. That’s a great beginning. -Interesting opening – cool characters – a sense of tension – and wrapping it up with a little action!
    I’d certainly like to read the rest!

    • Thank ya!

  9. I love it! I love Alice and Decker and everything about it! (Maybe I just love your writing in general :P) I can’t wait to read the rest of it. And I wish you lots of luck.

    • Thanks Hannah! I appreciate it.

  10. At first, Google docs was cool. Then it was mainstream. Enter Hackpad. 😛
    Anyway, I’m super excited to read this! It sounds so great! Thanks for being willing to share!

    • Hipster Hackpad. B)
      Thanks man!

  11. Yay! I’m excited now. 😀 I read the preview. Looking forward to more!

    • Thanks Emma!

  12. Wow, I found your story very intriguing! I can’t wait for more!

    And ha. Hahaha. Who doesn’t develop crushes on their own characters? 😉 I absolutely adore two or three of my guy characters in my own book…. although I also tend to feel very maternal toward them…… what a weird mix of emotions that is. 😛

    • That is a WEIRD mix of emotions. 😉

  13. I really like it! I do think the comments in the middle of the story interrupt the flow, though. Maybe send it out to a few people for comments, and then disable the comments for the general release 🙂

    • Yeah, I thought there was an easy way to leave comments in the margins like Google Docs, but apparently Hackpad doesn’t do that. 🙁 Might have to use Docs instead. Thanks for pointing that out!

  14. Yes…I do have a crush on my own character. I’m so glad I am not alone.

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